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A device for removing static electricity
- Free spray (joint hose), use for magnet/table
- For the process of LCD, cell phone case, and etc.
- Possible to work with FOOT S/W and sensor
- Possible to control the amount of air by using valve
- Air pressure: 2~6kg/cm²
- Standard: Hose 500mm/ Stand Φ100mm X 25T (plating)

│ Company introduction │

The company produces products that control static, such as ion blowers, ion guns, ion bars, ion chambers and the like. As high-tech industries develop, all products are manufactured in micro sizes, ultra weight, with higher integration and intelligence.
Accordingly, environment improvement such as making things cleaner and free of static, as well as comprehensive measures are now required across all types of industries.
With the technologies and knowhow accumulated over the last 15 years, we now promise to present and implement best methods to prevent your products from suffering from static by taking complete measures against any problems related to it.
All the people of INB Static will do our best, with future-oriented, creative and challenging spirits, to create a new company culture for the 21st century and also to produce products that will statisfy customers and take care of the sold product in an assured manner.
We are looking forward to you giving us lots of encouragement and guide.